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Metallized Film
Metallized Film
Metallized Film
Our Metallized Films are plastic or resinous film or paper that has been coated on one side, C1S, with a very thin layer of metal. The properties of this film include gas barrier, decoration, light barrier and light reflector, printing, heat insulator, and electrical conductor. Metallized film carries a wide range of applications including packaging, fiber, and foils. More importantly is the increased use of Metallized Films in the manufacture and production of solar panels and solar cells for solar power systems. Metallized Films are not limited to one type of film, for example we can metallize Metallized Polypropylene Film(PP Based) or Metallized Polyester Film(PET based). The list goes on Metallized PVC Film, OPP, CPP, Polyethylene Film (PE Film), and just about any other material that we handle can be metallized. Metallizing the film is completed in several steps. First the material is etched chemically by a suitable process. The etched surface is sensitised and activated. The surface is then coated with the type of metal needed for the application. Due to the metallization taking place over several steps, and customer applications differ, expect slightly increased lead times when ording this type of material. There are of course several thin-film deposition processes. Our films include many types of coatings, such as silicone, adhesive, premask, corona, print treatments, etc. for labels, printing, and protective purposes.

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Metallized Film
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